DIY Fleece Poncho

I am fortunate enough to have a job that lets me work from home a couple days a week.  While working from home, I often get really cold because I’m just sitting still all day.  I usually use a space heater in my office so I don’t have to heat the entire house.  The problem is the space heater is too loud for conference calls, which I regularly have.  I have gotten frustrated with a blanket getting rolled over by my chair and also having to leave the warmth behind to go get more coffee or water.  Even while watching TV at night I’ve noticed I was craving a blanket I could wear that wouldn’t fall off.  Enter the DIY fleece poncho.

DIY Fleece Poncho

This is such a simple project, it’s super customizable with a little measuring, and provides instant warmth the moment it’s put on.  The fleece poncho is oversized and will literally fit over any amount of layers I may already be wearing.  Basically, I am obsessed with it!


1 and 2/3 yard fleece (this will make the poncho about 30 inches long – so take the length you want and times by 2 for the number of inches you’ll need.)

Fabric scissors

Matching thread

Sewing machine


DIY Fleece Poncho

After washing and drying the fleece (I got this plaid at Joann Fabrics), go around the sides and cut off the selvage edges.  Also trim and straighten any sides if necessary.

DIY Fleece Poncho

Then, matching what was the salvage sides, fold the fleece in half to create a long rectangle.  Find the center and cut the top layer (and only the top layer!) from the edge to the fold.  Sew about halfway up the open sides.  That’s it!

DIY Fleece Poncho
Warm and cozy in my poncho!

Now, I’m not a fashion blogger by any means, but I did learn that Landon would make an excellent Instagram husband if I ever chose to be.  He made taking pictures of the poncho much more fun than I thought they would be.  And I actually did feel like a model for a brief moment. ?

DIY Fleece Poncho

Stay warm friends!

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