Post Christmas Winter Mantel

Happy Mid-January!  I feel like the past few weeks since Christmas have flown by but also have moved slowly.  Is that even possible?  Normally I like to keep my Christmas decor up all through January.  I think this is because we travel so much in December I’m not home to enjoy it until January.  But this year I was getting the itch to take it all down on January 1st.  I’ve left most surfaces bare but I wanted to make our mantel and fireplace look wintery.  ❄️

I decided to keep the evergreen leaves in the tall vases and just removed the candy canes.  But for the mantel I didn’t know what to do.  My various teal vases just didn’t seem right with the snow on the ground.  Before Christmas I had purchased some snowballs that are meant for indoor snowball fights.  I got them to make a big pompom garland but never got around to it.  So I threw the snowballs on the mantel.  Then I added the lights I had used around my tree centerpiece.

Winter Mantel

It was just lacking some height.  Landon suggested the antlers we use to hold up our stockings.  So after unpacking a box I had just packed, I tried placing them up there differently than I usually do.  And they all came falling down on me!  Blogger husband to the rescue, he took over and the finished look is all him.  So this post really should be written by Landon because he styled the mantel but I guess he’s blogger-shy. ??‍?

Winter Mantel

It’s simple, it’s not colorful, but when the lights are twinkling and the fire is roaring, it is the coziest winter mantel I ever did see. ?

I’m contemplating adding a little pink and red up there for Valentine’s Day just to get me to spring.  Time will tell! ?

Winter Mantel

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