Basement and Life Updates

It has been quite the week since I posted last!  Things are coming along with the basement.  Who knew a little flooring and an accent wall would make such a big difference?!  We also have discovered a new favorite drink for keeping a cold away.  Landon found some sheds behind our house.  And I have been feeling great and have been able to run quite a bit over the last two weeks!  Read on for all the details and some work-in-progress pics.

Sheds found while snowshoeing!


I got off work a little early on Friday and Landon and I headed out snowshoeing while it was snowing.  He’s been out a few times trying to find sheds (deer shed there antlers around this time of year to save nutrients).  And we found some right behind our house!  He was so excited like a little kid.  The sheds are now proudly put on our mantle too.

Basement Updates

We got flooring installed last Thursday and I am so excited to get this room done!  Landon and I had the most romantic (sarcasm) Saturday evening purchasing a toilet for the bathroom.  We would have maybe gotten it installed today (along with the sink) had we not realized on Sunday we forgot a crucial detail.  Trim!  We were about ready to move the vanity in when I realized it’s very open on the bottom and we have no trim work in the room.  I’m glad we had our head on straight when we built the house but this bathroom is taking just as long!

Basement and Life Updates
See that dark corner to the left of the shower? It won’t be dark for long! Can’t wait to show you what it’s going to be turned into.

The family room space of the basement also got an accent wall yesterday thanks to Landon’s dad who came and painted while we were at work.  How lucky are we?!  Anyway, the walls were all painted a very light gray in early January but we knew we wanted a navy accent wall.  More to come on what we’ll do with it!

Basement and Life Updates
Don’t mind the fact that it still looks like a basement!

New Favorite Drink

I think most people have heard of the secret menu item at Starbucks called the Medicine Ball.  I’ve never gotten one from there to be honest.  But last week Landon felt a cold coming on and I kept seeing recipes on Pinterest so I picked up the ingredients.  That drink is addicting!  Just a little lemonade, some water, and the teas: Peach Tranquility and Jade Citrus Mint.  You can also add honey but I don’t like my drinks very sweet.

Hips Update

I feel a little silly sharing this update but I also could not be more ecstatic either.  I have been running consistently now for two weeks and I have never felt better.  I’m a little over 6 months out from my most recent hip surgery and I’m only 5 weeks away from celebrating one year from my first hip!  I’ve been running on the treadmill which I think is what has me the most excited.  In the beginning of January walking on the treadmill fatigued my hips so much that I couldn’t walk two days in a row.  My doctor did warn that the treadmill would cause fatigue but I think I’ve finally passed that hurdle.  My energy and iron levels have been absolutely wonderful too so I even feel energized after running instead of drained.  It’s been years since I’ve felt this normal.  I can’t express how grateful I am!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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