DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar

Well, last week I made a hat into a wreath.  So this week’s repurpose project was a peanut jar to change jar.  We have been needing a change jar for quite some time and I couldn’t find any jars I liked.  I wanted glass but had heard of some breaking so that didn’t seem like a good idea.  Then Landon finished some peanuts and I thought I could make the peanut jar pretty to hold our change.

DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar


Plastic jar

Spray paint (I like Rustoleum Ultra Cover)

Goo Gone

Hand Sanitizer

Your choice for a label – I recommend Canva!


First things first, wash the jar and remove the label.  It really doesn’t matter the order.  I washed and then spray painted the lid gold before working on the label.  Goo Gone will be your best friend.  The big label was rather tedious but it still took less than 10 minutes to get the label off.

DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar

After removing the label, I then realized there were some pesky lot and expiration dates printed on the plastic.  Knowing what I know about removing ink from anything, I tried a little hand sanitizer and it wiped right off.  No elbow grease required!  Any product with alcohol should work.  Hand sanitizer works great to get pen and Sharpie ink off hands so I started with that.

DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar

I then needed to make a label.  I recruited Landon to help pick a name for our change jar and he liked “Our Adventure Fund.”  Which is much more tasteful than “Keep the change ya filthy animal” that I wanted to go with.  Surprisingly, he’s the one to quote Home Alone far more than I am.  Anyway, I made a label using Canva (this site is free and amazing!).  To tie in more with the gold lid, I used a gold paint pen over the lettering and border.

DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar

Next, I stuck the label onto the jar with some double sided tape, threw some change in, and voila!  Now we just have to see how long it will take to fill it up.  And how far we can get with the change. ??

DIY Peanut Jar to Change Jar

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