Nashville Road Trip – Part 2

Last week Landon and I road-tripped to Nashville.  It was about 700 miles from our house to the doorstep of our adorable Airbnb cottage.  Overall, we had a blast and would totally go back again!  Here’s part 2 of our time down south. (You can catch part 1 here.)

Day 2

Our second day we got going a little bit faster after having such a relaxing night in.  We headed to the Parthenon first. It is an exact size replica of the original Parthenon in Greece (minus being in ruins).  It was absolutely massive and pictures really don’t do justice.

The Parthenon
The Parthenon
Selfie at the Parthenon
Had to take a selfie

Inside on the lower level was a museum of photos from it being built over 100 years ago and of various paintings (unrelated to the Parthenon as far as I could tell).  Upstairs there was a replica of the Athena Parthenos statue that stands 42 feet tall!  It was very impressive – as were the 8 ton bronze doors!

Athena statue
Just hanging with Athena..
Landon and bronze doors
Those doors are ginormous!

After we took in all the gold of the Parthenon, we headed over to Belmont University for a little history lesson while touring Belmont Mansion.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and was made even better by walking through a gorgeous campus.  It felt a little weird walking among all the students.  While Landon and I certainly don’t look out of place on a college campus, we did feel a bit weird knowing we averaged a decade older than the students with me being in my mid-to-late 20’s and Landon in his early 30’s.

Belmont University
Belmont University

The mansion was built by Adelicia Acklen in the mid-1800s.  It was just a little bigger than our house – at 19,000 square feet.  Okay, a lot bigger, like nearly 10 times.  ?  But, anyway, the tour was definitely one of our favorite parts of the trip.

Belmont Mansion
Belmont Mansion

We headed to Nashville’s Farmers Market for lunch.  It weekday so there wasn’t much for traditional farmers market booths but they have a building that is sort of a giant food court.  We had some good ol’ Chinese food to make sure our stomachs were prepared for some whiskey tasting!

Our next stop was Green Brier Distillery.  Two brothers resurrected their great-great-great grandfather’s distillery, which was the nation’s largest before prohibition.  The nearly 200 year old story of their family is fascinating and the tasting wasn’t bad either.  ?  Before we left, we purchased a barrel stave with a few project ideas in mind – stay tuned for that in the future!

Outside of Green Brier Distillery
Green Brier Distillery
Whiskey barrels
So many barrels!

A few blocks down was the Corsair Brewstillery – yes that is brewery and distillery combined.  We took our time walking down, stopping into different shops to browse along the way.  We were a bit early for the tour so we plopped our tired selves on some stools in one of their little bars and tried some beer.  Landon enjoyed a citrus beer and I even had a half pint myself.  It was an apple cider beer but it almost looks like it could be white wine.  We then toured their facility and tasted five of their whiskeys.

Apple cider beer (left) and citrus beer (right)
Apple cider beer (left) and citrus beer (right)
Whiskey bottles
The sassy whiskey bottles at Corsair Distillery

Our second day kept us moving so we were pretty hungry by dinner time.  We headed to a local little place near our cottage called Batter’d and Fried.  The place calls itself a Boston Seafood House and it did not disappoint (although, we’ve never been to Boston to compare, minor details).  We then ventured back to our little place to relax and watch more of our new favorite show Time After Time.

I’ll share the final part of our trip tomorrow!  Here is part 1 if you missed it!

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