Nashville Road Trip – Part 1

Last week Landon and I road-tripped to Nashville.  It was about 700 miles from our house to the doorstep of our adorable Airbnb cottage.  Overall, we had a blast and would totally go back again!  Here’s part 1 of our time down south.

Driving There

We spent a whole day driving down.  It really shouldn’t have taken that long but when you are 30minutes in and realize you forgot some crucial articles of clothing so you turn around, that eats up some time.  It also is wise to not constantly look things up on your phone and then try to take a picture of a water tower while the vehicle is moving if you are prone to carsickness.  You will get nauseous and then have to stop for another hour before you feel better.   The only hour worth the delay was when we stopped at this awesome restaurant in Kentucky for dinner.  We happened to be there when Kentucky was playing North Carolina for March Madness.  The place really got loud at the end!

Golf store
The golf store we stopped at while my stomach settled down.
cajun tilapia
My awesome cajun tilapia at Raffertys (a southern chain). It was delicious!

Day 1

Our first morning we took our time waking up and getting ready.  I am my father’s daughter and feel a constant need to never take a breath on a vacation.  Landon was really good at telling me it’s okay to relax – which if you keep reading, you will see I got really good at doing just that.  A little after 9am we ventured out on our first Uber ride toward downtown to see the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.

The place is massive!  There were so many different exhibits all over of all different sizes.  It was neat to see the old outfits from grandparents’ time but I honestly didn’t know much about the names with the clothes and instruments.  The wall of records was impressive.  And then we headed down to the next level and there were even more, so we stopped for a picture.

Me and an old jukebox
Me in front of an old school jukebox
Landon and me in front of a two story wall of records!
Landon and me in front of a two story wall of records!

After the Country Music Hall of Fame, we walked a block over to Broadway, the street that is blocks of bar after bar after bar on both sides. In these bars is where amateur musicians play all hours of the day.  It was great to wander in and out of bars and listen to a variety of country music performed by full bands and individuals acoustically.  One bar (Nudie’s Honky Tonk) even boasted Nashville’s longest bar!  It was ridiculous and the whole bar was made of silver dollars.  We both enjoyed a fun cocktail – I swear it was 5 o’clock somewhere! ?

Nashville's longest bar
I couldn’t fit the whole bar in the picture it was so long.
Landon had Nudie’s Tipsy Tea and I enjoyed a Rodeo Round Up. See all the silver dollars?

Later that night some pretty bad thunderstorms rolled in so we took to relaxing in our little cottage.  We found a new show called Time After Time and instantly became obsessed.  We actually watched all 6 episodes in our evenings.  You can go on vacation but apparently TV still has a hold on you…

Come back tomorrow for Part 2!


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