20 Ways to Spend your Tax Return

Finished 2016 taxes

Ahh tax season, ? the most wonderful time of the year?. Wait-what? Okay, so it’s no Christmas (or any other feel-good-holiday for that matter) BUT it is pretty great when the government gives you a nice check for being a law-abiding citizen who filed taxes. I know, you can argue that it was your money to begin with but it’s nice you get it back. There are so many ideas you can do with your tax return. Here are 10 of my favorite. I even got Landon to contribute 10 things he would use our tax return for. You’ll notice a trend with his…

My List

  1. Put it towards your mortgage.
  2. Invest in retirement.
  3. Save it for Christmas gifts.
  4. Go on vacation! (What we are doing right now ?)
  5. Update your landscaping. (Or actually landscape if you have a new house like us.)
  6. Go out for a fancy dinner with your significant other.
  7. Take a class in something you’ve always been interested in but haven’t pursued.
  8. Take a spa day – or many. ??
  9. Pay for a cleaning lady to come regularly for the rest of the year.
  10. Go crazy at the Container Store and organize your entire life.

Landon’s List

  1. New hunting gear – deer rifle, bow, etc.
  2. New golf clubs.
  3. Landscaping rock for our house.
  4. Go on a summer fishing trip to Canada.
  5. Trip to vegas with the guys.
  6. Take a golf trip to a famous course.
  7. Attend a major sporting event like the Masters or Final Four.
  8. Elk hunting trip out west.
  9. Finish my Man Cave with a nice bar and big TV.
  10. Get my wife something special. ??

There you go.  20 things to spend your tax return on from a girl’s and a guy’s perspective.  It looks like when we get done with this vacation we have some landscaping we need to get to…

Now go file your taxes if you haven’t already!  Only a couple weeks left!

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