Our Hickory Kitchen

I’m not sure how we landed on the idea to have hickory cabinets in our kitchen.  Perhaps it caught our eye during our many trips to Menards.  Or maybe Landon had the idea from a house he once visited.  I know for a fact it was not from Pinterest because I barely found ideas when I started searching for it.  Regardless, we went with hickory and every morning I fall a little more in love when I get my coffee.  ☕️ ❤️

kitchen from left


We had a local Amish build our cabinets and they turned out absolutely amazing!  (Can you believe he built all this with no power tools?!)  It took awhile before we got the pantry door though.  That came from another Amish door maker.  Neither are the same Amish we got our mantle from.  (I believe I mentioned we have a lot of Amish by us.)  After getting the door installed, it took a few more months to figure out the trim.  Did you know hickory trim is not easy to find?  Landon ended up splitting some boards (from the cabinet maker) and I think the simple flat trim mimics the missionary cabinet style quite nicely.  We still are working on trim for the baseboard – all in due time!

pantry close up

As a wedding gift, my aunt gave us a gift certificate to Upper Case Living.  It’s been hard narrowing down what to put on all these blank walls but when I saw this one, I knew it would be the perfect addition to our kitchen.  What I love most is the established date.  We built our house and got married in 2015.  So not only was our kitchen physically established then, you could say the heart of our home was too, or you know our little family we make with the two of us.  ?

Kitchen a la yum

I think having it in black really pops against the hickory.   It was so easy to install too.  I didn’t have enough hands to take pictures but it’s mostly just rubbing the vinyl onto the wall and peeling back the paper that it came on.  Funny enough, the cutouts included everything but an established date.  I picked a font and size and ordered “2015” separately.  Matched the paint color from my walls pretty well, huh?  I was only a little nervous about that!

Pantry with lights


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