We Got a Pet… Vacuum – And It Changed Our Life

I think we all would agree that as we get older we learn how valuable our time is.  After spending a good portion of both 2016 and 2017 with little to no energy, I’ve come to realize even more how precious time is.  I don’t want our evenings at home or our free weekends to be spent doing chores the whole time.  When I have bursts of energy, I want us to be able to do something and have fun!  This was a huge struggle trying to do everything ourselves, so sometimes you have to ask for help or outsource.  Enter the robot vacuum.

Our robot vacuum changed our life

Let me backup.  Our house is all one level.  Someday we will have our walk-out basement finished but we don’t need that space today.  Our one level is also all the same hard floor which is great and not great at the same time. It is amazing how much dust can accumulate when no one is even home.  We do not have pets or kids and are fairly neat people but I felt like we could never get our floors to stay clean!  It was a never ending cycle of crawling on hands and knees to clean under furniture only to find more dust bunnies there the next day.  And vacuum only one room at a time?  That would make the dust bunny migration worse.  And if I wanted to steam mop after?  Well, there goes an entire evening.

I had mentioned to Landon before about wanting a robot vacuum and he was against it.  A few months ago I asked him why and his reasoning was that they were too expensive. Little did he know that they are no longer $700, but you can get a great one for only $200.  He immediately went to Amazon and narrowed it down to two options. It was amazing!  I got what I wanted and I didn’t even need to research it! Landon watched a lot of YouTube video reviews and had me watch just one for each of the two he was considering.

We decided on Eufy (pronounced you-fee) and we love him.  He cleans our floors so much better than we have ever been able to.  And he even fits under our couch!  Which used to be the most happening hangout for those darn dust bunnies.  Now it’s so clean, you could eat off of it.  Don’t know why you would want to eat under a couch, but hey, no judgements. You do you. ?

Our robot vacuum changed our life
Eufy easily cleans our hard floors and rugs – even this thick shag one!

We’ve had Eufy for two and a half months now and it seriously has changed our life.  Our house is so much cleaner because instead of vacuuming, we are able to focus on cleaning other things in less time.  With the extra time, we are able to do things we want to do instead of things we have to do.  It’s encouraged us to look at other things we can “outsource” to make things more efficient with our time.  I’m dying for the day our little town gets grocery pickup services!

What are things you can outsource to make your life have a little more time for fun or leisure?  A robot vacuum is cheaper than a maid, but if you can afford one, go for it!  Or try out a grocery pickup service.  Double what you are making for dinner and freeze half of it for a busy night.  Take turns making dinner so you can have a night off to do something fun.  It’s all about finding your pain points and finding solutions for them.  And maybe it’s just me, but I find it kind of fun to think creatively for those solutions. ?

Our robot vacuum changed our life

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