Update on Mid-Year Resolutions

While everyone else is making (and possibly already breaking) their New Year’s resolutions, I figured I should check in on my mid-year resolutions I made back in July.  Some I accomplished flawlessly, some were accomplished but not to the extent I had in mind, and there are three I did not do.  Such is life.  Let’s see how I did…

What I did accomplish:

Our unity braid hangs beautifully outside our bedroom and we see it every day.  I still cannot believe how I lucked out on the shadowbox price.

I’m still completely in love with the pillow covers I made for our couch.  They really make the room feel more put together.  Plus they are beautiful, if I do say so myself. ?

Speaking of beautiful, I made the sign above our front door and it was easier than I expected it to be.  It gives me hope for the one in our guest room – I’m calling this a win still because I said “Don’t hold it against me if the guest room doesn’t meet the year end deadline!”  I also now want to make another for a different room in our house too.

Lastly, I made our Christmas stockings!  And I have no shame admitting it is January 10th and they are still up along with our tree.  If Landon would let me, I would keep Christmas decorations up until March.  It’s just so pretty and cozy. ?

What I sort of accomplished:

I did decorate my cubicle at work.  However, I actually had two more decor pieces I wanted to make that I never got around too.  One of which was the whole reason I wanted to decorate my cube in the first place.  That’s okay, it will refreshen the current decor someday. ?

My biggest pain point last summer was our pantry.  We did redo the shelves, but the shelf organization still needs a bit of work.  I really want to change where we keep things in the pantry and the cupboards to the left of our stove.  With the new pantry shelves, it just doesn’t make sense to keep some things where they currently live.  If only I could get snow days to work on it! ❄️


Since the beginning of 2017, if not before, I had been compiling a list of meal service kits to try.  I think I had 10 the last time I looked.  Anyway, I wanted to try at least a few of them in 2017 but I only tried Green Chef.  I actually loved it so much when I looked into others on my list, I eliminated a lot.  I also went dairy-free in July so that was a natural eliminator for some.  Anyway, I am curious to try others but either timing hasn’t worked – we live in the middle of nowhere so delivery options are pretty limited – or I just haven’t been feeling the menu for that week.  There are a couple I for sure want to try, in addition to getting more boxes from Green Chef.

Beans and rice.  I had recently learned about the Blue Zones and their longevity and wanted to incorporate some of their habits.  One crockpot recipe was made, it was greatly disliked, and I have been too scared to try again.  I can still remember that horrible taste, and I think I made it back in August! ?

What I did not accomplish:

Makeup.  Oh, makeup.  I seriously love my DIY eyeliner but my resolution was to make other products.  Well, I tried concealer and failed.  I toyed with the idea of mascara but decided not to try.  Honestly, I don’t know when I will feel ambitious to try something again.  As bad as they might be, I really like my store-bought makeup right now.

Nail Polish.  It’s funny because our local co-op had nail polish on sale sometime in August that I picked up.  And I still haven’t tried it.  I have been close many times but the problem is low ferritin/iron can cause your nails to, well, suck.  So I feel like I can’t really judge if polish makes my nails worse if they are already a little brittle and the whites look blotchy.  My nails are improving now so maybe I will test the polish before winter is over.

The laundry room bench.  I have actually drawn plans a few times.  And I keep changing my mind.  So now that it is winter and my boots are wet with snow, I get to put all our groceries on the floor instead of a nice bench.  Indecisiveness can really be inconvenient, ya know?  Call me controlling or OCD, but I also want to be the one to give the plans and talk about them with our Amish friend.  And every time Landon went out to their farm this past fall, I was not able to go.

So there you have it.  My mid-year resolution update – at the beginning of the year.  Isn’t it ironic?  Don’t you think?  Alanis Morissette anyone? ??



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