Living Room Christmas Decorations

? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ?  We have our Christmas tree up!  And I finally sewed our Christmas stockings!  Exciting times here in our house.  I’ve gone pretty simple this year with our living room Christmas decorations but I think it still captures the holiday spirit.  ?

Living room christmas decorations

The Mantle

This year is the first year we have our mantle up.  It was so exciting to get to decorate!  I spent a long time looking for stockings last year and didn’t find any I liked.  So I bought some fabric and sewed my own.  I knew I wanted them to keep their shape while hanging so I used some extra stiff interfacing.  I wasn’t sure how to hang them but then I remembered I had leftover chord from our unity braid and it works perfectly!

Stocking Christmas decorations
I used a clip art image of stockings and blew it up as a makeshift “pattern.”
Stockings Christmas decorations
Fabric close up to show off the snowflakes!

Being married to a hunter, I loved the idea of using sheds instead of traditional stocking holders.  We actually have one set of real (holding our stockings) and one set that is fake sheds up there.  The fake is darker in color but I like that they aren’t the same.  Adds a little dimension, or something.  ?

Mantle Christmas decorations

I don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations so I just added some garland and lights to finish off the mantle.  Down below, we found these tall black metal vases and I filled them with tree sprays and candy canes.  I like the little touches of greenery!

Christmas decorations vase
Tip #1: I used tape to keep the candy canes in place inside. I also “recycled” plastic bags to keep the tree sprays higher.
Christmas decorations light tip
Tip #2: Use a command hook to place the light string out of the way.

The Tree

On to the tree!  Confession:  I totally hate white lights.  I always go for colored lights on our tree with all the ornaments Landon and I have from our childhoods.  But those ornaments have always been a pain point.  Landon doesn’t like putting them up and I have too many.  Not to mention, mine are in desperate need of better organization – like actual ornament storage boxes!

Our pretty tree!
Our pretty tree!

To solve this dilemma, I go the idea to do all the same ornaments in a colored theme and then get ornament stands to place around the house and hang our favorites from.  That way, the tree would look nice for my husband-diagnosed OCD and we could have more focus on our ornaments throughout the house.  Landon was completely on board!

Ornament stands
Ornament stands like these

I had gotten our tree skirt the first Christmas in our house.  It’s teal with silver snow flakes.  I kept the same colors for the stockings so I felt the tree should also be teal and silver.  These shatter proof ornaments from Target work perfect.  But I knew I could not do colored lights and keep the simple effect I wanted.  So white lights it is.  And I have to say, I don’t mind it.  It grows on me every night it’s lit up.

Teal christmas decorations
Teal tree skirt + teal stockings = perfection.

Last, but certainly not least, is the angel on top.  It belonged to my grandma and I love that I am able to put it on top of my tree every year.  ❤️ ??

Christmas decorations angel

Now I just need to get the presents under the tree!  I was half way done with Christmas shopping before November, I just haven’t gotten around to wrapping.  Guess that’s on my to-do list this weekend!  ?

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