The Matchmaker Series by Elise Sax

September!  It is finally here!  Why is it finally here you ask?  Well, there are lots of things but the one I’m most excited for is the release of a new book!  Around the end of June I read An Affair to Dismember by Elise Sax and instantly became hooked.  My Barnes & Noble emails confirm I read through the 6 books averaging 3 days a piece.  Seeing as most good books take me at least twice that should tell you something.  On July 19th I pre-ordered the 7th book in the Matchmaker series and it finally gets released this Friday! ?

What is so great about this series by an author you’ve probably never heard of?  Great question!  Every book in The Matchmaker series is an enticing murder mystery balanced with laugh-out-loud comedy mixed with a little romance.  I seriously read each book with a stupid grin on my face accompanied by a wide-eyes like a kid at a candy store.

The main character’s name is Galdie Burger and she moves in with her grandmother to learn to take over her matchmaking business.   But Gladie seems to have a knack for stumbling upon murders. She is the kind of girl next door you would want as your best friend.  You also would be grateful the embarrassing and awkward things that happen to her don’t happen to you.  Her quirks remind me a bit of Mia Thermopolis or Bridget Jones.

I bet you are itching to go start the series right now (as you should be) but in case you want more descriptions, read on.

An Affair To Dismember

Book 1 – An Affair to Dismember

The book starts off running with the neighbor found dead and Galdie gets known as Underwear Girl by the entire town’s police force.  Click for Kindle or Nook.

Citizen Pain

Book 2 – Citizen Pain

This town is pretty weird and things start to get bizarre.  And that’s not even counting Gladie waking up from anesthesia and finding her dentist dead.  The girl also has two men interested in her.  Click for Kindle or Nook.

The Wizard of Saws

Book 3 – The Wizard of Saws

A new psychic comes to town claiming Gladie’s grandma Zelda is a fraud at matchmaking.  And a third guy enters the picture.  Click for Kindle or Nook.

Field of Screams

Book 4 – Field of Screams

The holidays are approaching and Gladie tries to give up matchmaking and stumbling on murders.  Unfortunately, she keeps stumbling on body parts.  Click for Kindle or Nook.

From Fear To Eternity

Book 5 -From Fear to Eternity

Gladie is being sued for matchmaking.  If you think that’s bizairre, she also is trying to find out why and how senior citizens keep disappearing and then are found dead.  Click for Kindle or Nook.

West Side Gory

Book 6 – West Side Gory

This book takes place in a ritzy private hospital outside of town.  Gladie is prepped for surgery and meets a woman she is later told never existed.  She and the hot police chief spend all night gimping in hospital gowns to uncover this mystery.  Click for Kindle or Nook.


Book 7 – Scareplane

Release date is this Friday, September 8th!  Click for Kindle or Nook.

I don’t think I’ve ever successfully read a book in one sitting.  I’ve done it in two shots many times but never one.  This weekend might change that!

If you still aren’t sure about the series, the first book is FREE for Barnes & Noble Nook, Kindle, and iBooks.  Let me know what you think!


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