I Love You A Latte, Nespresso Machine

I’ve been keeping a secret for almost a year.  The secret is I have been making Starbucks equivalent lattes at home in less than a minute.  How is this possible?  With a Nespresso machine!  I don’t normally get attached to inanimate objects but this machine is absolutely wonderful.  If there is one thing you get for yourself this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I highly recommend a Nespresso machine.

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Dairy Free Egg Bake

The holidays are coming!  And what do holidays usually mean?  Lots of people who need to eat.  I’m sure you’re hashing out who’s bringing what to Thanksgiving but what about the other meals of the weekend?  You know breakfast is the most important one!  I have been dairy free for a little over two years and it is so hard to enjoy egg bakes that don’t use cheese.  But that all changed with this dairy free egg bake.  I’ve made it many times over the past year or so and it’s always a hit.  Bonus, it’s really easy to put together and you can even prep the night before if you want.  So come on, check out the recipe…

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Healthy Pina Colada Smoothie

“If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…”  Well you don’t need to get caught in the rain with this drink!  In fact, sipping this pina colada smoothie will have you thinking you’re on a sunny beach somewhere.  Back to school got you down?  Have a pina colada smoothie!  Realizing you have over 30 years to go until retirement?  Have a pina colada smoothie!  Your coworker Becky won’t shut up about her latest problems?  You guessed it!  Just sip on this and feel the world melt away.

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How to Create a Month Long Meal Plan

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to meal plan on a weekly basis.  I hate the feeling of realizing my plan for dinner is ruined by missing one crucial ingredient.  And going to the grocery store multiple times a week is not a fun way to spend your time, even if it is a quick trip!  I’ve attempted to meal plan a month at a time before and failed.  But this time I got it right.  So far, I’m nearly done with my second month and I will not go back! Here I’ll share how I did it.

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How to Use a Salad Spinner Plus Salad Dressing Recipe

We are big fans of salads.  Side salads, main course salads, all of the above.  Leafy greens?  Yes, please!  But no one wants soggy leafy greens or their romaine looking brown.  And making sure it’s nice and clean before eating is important.  One of my favorite wedding registry items was my salad spinner.  It is almost always in our fridge with nice clean, green leaves.  I think a lot of people don’t have them because they’re not sure how they work.  Below I share how to use one and a favorite salad dressing recipe of mine!

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